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BLAM 2018 Catalog Available Now

Drawing on over twenty-five years of experience in the conception and creation of high-end loudspeakers, BLAM have designed their speakers to fully express the unique sound-concept referred to as “French Sound”.

“French Sound’’ is a subtle and very specific balance designed to accurately reproduce any music’s midrange details whilst preserving all the emotions in the voice. It faithfully reproduces the dynamics of the original recording but diligently retains all the natural nuances and vocal clarity that makes music truly come alive.

BLAM’s new Signature line expresses Guy’s entire twenty-five year experience working with car audio and product design and quite simply reaches all the ideals and targets he has set for “French Sound’’.

Signature is made exclusively in France. Each component is designed in BLAM’s French laboratory before being hand assembled, rigorously tested, paired and finished in their new purpose-built workshop in France.

BLAM's RELAX systems are designed to provide incredible performance and to set a new reference in their category. Because of their high efficiency and low impedance, they provide detailed, powerful sound when used with or without an amplifier.

Download the complete BLAM 2018 Catalog here.



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