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EISA Awards for Innovative Next-Gen Mosconi products

No stranger to accolades, Italian Amplifier and DSP manufacturer Mosconi sweeps the 2018-2019 EISA Awards yet again with their upcoming Pico 8|12 DSP Amplifier.

Designed to be as small as possible for a complete audio system, the Gladen Pico 8|12 offers impeccable control of input signals and includes a universal interface to connect with OEM head units. It boasts a 3×9 band parametric equaliser, the option to deal with any delays and differences in level (gain) on its inputs plus a flexible mixer for signal routing. The high-speed PWM stages process 96kHz/24-bit audio streams directly, with 12 channels of DSP feeding eight Class G/H amplifiers. As the first Mosconi Gladen device to work directly with the Gladen Aures in-car measuring system, it makes integration easier than ever. It provides automatic DSP setup and centre channel management, with mixing, straight summation or special algorithm matrix options all possible.

Not content with just the above, the Gladen Mosconi team also took away the Best Product 2018-2019 award in the In-Car Innovation category for the Gladen Aures.

The first and only in-car measuring system to employ binaural in-ear sensors, Gladen’s Aures uses high-quality microphones to provide extremely accurate measurements. This in-depth analysis adopts psychoacoustic principles to achieve impressively precise sound tuning. The Aures can be used as a standalone measuring system or in combination with MOSCONI Gladen DSP products for even more fine-tuning. With the latter option, the system suggests variables for semi-automatic measuring and DSP adjustment, making for quick and efficient system tuning. Manual time alignment and frequency response adjustment is retained to suit personal listening preferences.

Available soon through BBW's Pan-India Dealer Network with our industry standard Warranty and Service support. Contact your nearest dealer outlet or write to us at for more information

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