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Eton 2018 Catalog Updated

ETON Electro Acoustic GmbH was founded in 1983 with the aim of developing loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems to provide the highest degree of customer sound enjoyment. At first, drivers for home Hi-Fi application were created and very successfully marketed to reputable OEM buyers in Germany and abroad. The Hexacone sandwich cone, patented by Eton became known worldwide for it´s high degree of stiffness and it´s light weight. This results in an unique sound behaviour that is exclusively reserved for Eton loudspeakers. The pure sound behaviour of Eton loudspeakers and their systems has become a trademark of Eton which recieves worldwide recognition. In the past years and continuing to this very day, this has been the major goal of their efforts.

Continuing the excellence in 2018, ETON launched their CORE series products which represent the pinnacle of loudspeaker and amplifier design and technology. Along with their Plug n Play 'Upgrade Audio' line, the entire Made in Germany lineup is meant for the discerning audiophile as well as the car audio fans that love it loud.

Click here to Download the latest Catalog with updated specs and pricing.

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