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Into the Matrix of Digital Audio...

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Element DAC
Matrix Audio

MQA is the breakthrough audio technology that enables music fans to stream the original master recording into their home, car or on their mobile. Working together with the music industry and global hi-fi brands, MQA audio powers the world’s best-sounding music services, videos and consumer devices.

Based on pioneering research into human neuroscience, the award-winning British technology captures every element of a recording’s resolution and timing. This level of detail recreates a natural sound. It enables the listener to position the instruments and performers to build a 3D sonic picture. Using a unique ‘origami’ folding technique, the information is packaged efficiently to retain all the detail from the studio recording. 

Now that TIDAL delivers MQA Lossless Audio in Hi-Res to your Phone/Tablet/PC over 4G/WiFi, There has been an increasing need for high quality MQA-enabled DACs that can perform a 'full-decode' of MQA streams and deliver the rich musical MQA experience.

Matrix Audio is an MQA partner manufacturer focussed on the research, development, production and sales of Digital Hi-Fi audio products. After over a decade of R&D, the MATRIX team has grown into a leading digital audio company. Deploying cutting edge design, advanced research facilities and audio analysis, MATRIX makes high-quality audio DACs, Streamers, Amplifiers and other Digital Audio equipment.

Having established themselves as a leading player in the HiFi scene, and earning a reputation among audiophiles in USA, Europe and around the world for top-tier performance and build quality, MATRIX is finally available in India.

We are pleased to announce that BBW Distributors Private Limited is the official Importer/Distributor for Matrix Audio in India and stocks are now available.

Available online at India's No.1 Audio E-Commerce portal

For trade or technical queries please Call / Whatsapp us on +919810502023 or email us at

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