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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

At the advent of this decade, our primary means of AV entertainment is digital streaming. Whether it's Netflix, Spotify, Tidal or Roon, We consume our media from online sources over our broadband connections and our internal network.

While the network switch is a largely unnoticed device, it's function is essential to the quality of the transmitted media data. In recent times, Audiophiles have discovered the virtues of Audiophile-Grade Network Switches (or AGNS) and realised that all media that pass through an AGNS experience a significant improvement in sound and video quality.

Introducing Silent Angel by Thunder Data, a company founded by Dr. Eric Jian Huang, former CTO of EMC China. While Silent Angel product line aims at providing solutions for high-end consumer products, Thunder Data delivers enterprise solutions.

Silent Angel Z1 Roon Server

Silent Angel's Bonn N8 is an Audiophile-Grade Network Switch which has garnered acclaim across Europe and Asia. With class leading features and great value, the Bonn N8 is a hot favourite amongst audiophiles across the globe.

Silent Angel Bonn N8 Switch

Following up on the success of the Bonn N8, Silent Angel has added another solution to their digital ecosystem. The Forrester F1 is an Audiophile-Grade Linear Power Supply with high-efficiency toroidal transformer, advanced fully symmetric circuit design, low noise MOSFET in parallel and EMI filter. The F1 can power 2 x N8s or 1 x N8 and a 5V DC End-point for example.

Silent Angel F1 LPS

With the Network and Power sorted, Silent Angel's ecosystem is completed by the Rhein Z1 Audiophile-Grade Music Server. Unlike other servers which are based on off the shelf computers, the Z1 was designed from scratch and made with audio grade components and custom software with a singular goal in mind: Sound Quality. From a CNC milled high quality chassis made of aerospace industrial grade aluminium alloy to the custom motherboard, overbuilt power supply and audio grade SSD, The Z1 is the music server for the discerning audiophile.

Silent Angel Server

We are pleased to announce that BBW Distributors Private Limited is the official Importer/Distributor for Silent Angel in India and stocks are now available.

Available online at India's No.1 Audio E-Commerce portal

For trade or technical queries please Call / Whatsapp us on +919810502023 or email us at

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