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In keeping with the tradition of innovation and leadership, BBW Distributors Private Limited launched their new E-Commerce Portal on November 23rd, 2018.

TAC (as it is referred to within the company) was conceived with the vision of it being India's Car Audio Superstore. For far too long, Car Audio enthusiasts across India have had limited access to high quality products. TAC bridges that gap and delivers authentic, high quality car audio to the enthusiast's doorstep with nation-wide free shipping and 24x7 support.

The store launched into the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend with unexpected traffic and sales from the BFCM promotions.

The site was designed and implemented with the car audio enthusiast in mind. Every product category can be filtered as per user needs.

In the Speakers section one can choose to filter by brand, speaker type or their preference for 2way or 3way.

They can even choose vehicle specific products for their vehicle. By selecting BMW in the left menu, they will see speakers designed to fit and work in their BMW.

In the Subwoofers section, you can even filter based on your specific preference for bass. If you love it really loud and only wish to see SPL subwoofers, a click on the SPL button will do just that. You can even choose products based on whether you like your Subwoofer system Sealed or Ported.

Similarly, in the Amplifiers section you can select your choice of amplifier class. You can even choose to see only amplifiers with built in DSP.

The Search feature has been designed to be intuitive and a simple phrase like DSP will show you the most relevant results available.

Because we know Car Audio can be daunting for newbies, the site's StayTuned section has knowledge articles and how-to tutorials to help soften the learning curve.

Help is always a click away. The built in chat module in the bottom right corner enables you to chat with us over WhatsApp or Messenger or even Call us the old fashioned way.

Registered site members receive updates, promotions and advanced product news, So don't forget to register and login.

Of course, you can also follow TAC on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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