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Car Audio Upgrade, Easy as 1-2-3

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

It's 2020 and with the advent of integrated AV units in modern cars, it is no secret that Car Audio upgrades have become more complex and time consuming. With an increasing demand for quick, hassle free audio upgrades there has been a widening gap between consumer demand and available options.

Introducing 'Top Palace', the High-end 'True Plug and Play' car audio manufacturer from China. With years of R&D invested in creating optimised high end plug and play systems for Mercedes and BMW, Top Palace has not only simplified car audio upgrades for these complex vehicles but won accolades and competitions across Asia.

Having achieved acclaim and success with their products for luxury European cars, Top Palace set their sights on the Japanese segment. And after years of extensive R&D, the have now launched their new line of True Plug and Play upgrades for Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

Available as Stage 1-2-3 upgrades, the lineup comprises of True Plug and Play

  • Component speakers

  • Coaxial speakers

  • DSP 4.1 Amplifier

  • Active Subwoofer

Customers have the flexibility to choose from any combination of speakers, amplifier and subwoofer.

We are pleased to announce that BBW Distributors Private Limited is the official Importer/Distributor for Top Palace in India and stocks are now available.

For more information download the Catalog or Please Call / Whatsapp us on +919810502023 for more details.

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