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Experience Next-Level Audio with Volt Loudspeakers

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Since 1979, Volt Loudspeakers have built an international reputation for professionalism and excellence in the best traditions of the British audio industry.

David Lyth founded Volt to design and produce exceptionally linear bass loudspeakers.

Volt’s patented Radial Technology is the brain child of the company’s founder, David Lyth. Lyth has had a fascinating career in the development of British loudspeakers. After graduating with a degree in electronics, he received an MSc in Applied Acoustics from London University specializing in servo-controlled loudspeaker systems. Lyth then worked at Jordan Watts of Hayes, Middlesex, which manufactured full-range aluminum cone loudspeaker units and systems. He was also employed by Gale Electronics as QC manager and lead production for its well-known black and chrome loudspeaker system. Still overseeing production, Lyth moved to Martin Audio where he worked closely with Dave Martin in a technical capacity. Before starting Volt, Lyth completed six months with Sanyo designing domestic systems and advising on its UK manufacture.

Now with a wealth of commercial experience, Lyth leased a small space from his first employer, Jordan Watts, and Volt Loudspeakers was born — the rest is history. A highly respected figure in the audio industry, Lyth now focuses on providing design assistance to existing customers and using his extensive knowledge and expertise to complete bespoke systems.

Volt patented the Radial chassis in 1990, to offer a unique solution to the industry’s ever increasing requirement for greater power handling and reliability. Due to its distinctive and functional design the Radial was soon used in many of the world’s most respected sound systems and studio monitors.

From PMC, Quested, ProAc, Graham Audio and Kerr Acoustic to Funktion-One, the list of audio brands that use Volt drivers in their high end loudspeakers is an enviable list of Tier A high quality manufacturers who use nothing but the best parts available for their top tier products.

"Our sophisticated loudspeakers require a particularly stringent set of design parameters and tolerances that way exceed the demands of standard products. Our many years of collaboration with Volt has produced tailor-made low-frequency drive units that are the envy of the audio industry."

Pete Thomas Owner and Founder of PMC

"My drive to design exceptional and enduring bass units was born from the need to minimise the various types of distortion that plague them: harmonic, latching, zero drift, and power compression. The research that I have carried out at Volt has been firmly underpinned by the results of the analysis carried out by the BBC, AES, Phillips, and other respected technical sources. Volt bass drivers have a symmetrical field magnet system and a long coil that ensure consistent linear performance, while double rear suspensions guarantee transient stability at high drive levels. The result is a smoother, clearer sound that is further augmented in the Radial range."

David Lyth Founder Volt Loudspeakers

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