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The New Norma

The history of Norma Audio began in 1987 in Cremona, Italy - the hometown of famous composers, such as Ponchielli and Monteverdi, and great violin masters - Stradivari, Amati, and Guarneri.

The designer and creator of Norma Audio is Enrico Rossi. A man who is passionate about music and has gone to great lengths to discover what really does make HiFi equipment sound good. Enrico can often be found at Opera venues throughout Northern Italy, including the world famous La Scala.

In 1991, Enrico started a research project to understand how audio equipment can degrade sound and how this can be avoided. Seven years later, he found what he was looking for. It was certainly not one brilliant solution but rather a collection of rules and general guidelines. Unlike manufacturers who have built their reputation on a particular technical solution, Norma doesn't base its entire business on a single patent. But if you would like to know what you can expect from this gear, Enrico Rossi makes it clear - the sound should be natural, dynamic, and succinct with a very realistic midrange.

His experience and skill help create a sound that is as close as possible to the original performance in Norma Audio products. If you haven’t already heard a Norma Audio amplifier or DAC and heard its capabilities you really do owe it to yourself to have a listen. All Norma Audio products are hand-built with great care and attention, using the finest components available to deliver an entirely non-fatiguing sound which will provide musical enjoyment for years to come.

Cremona and its surroundings are well known all over the world for being home to great composers as Monte- verdi and Ponchielli, and to famous violin makers such as Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri and many others. As of today, more than 100 violin makers’ shops are found in the ancient roads of the city.

In this inspiring context, where music permeates everything, for more than 20 years Norma has been involved in the study and implementation of sophistica- ted audio amplifiers, where technical skills and musical sensitivity must be merged together, in the same way the best musical instruments are made.

The result of this endeavor is a unique sound, which represents a synthesis of parameters usually set one against each other: dynamics, speed, and absolute transparency are combined with extraordinary musica- lity and total lack of listening fatigue.

The struggle between solid state and valves is finally overcome, as is the concept or reproduction.

Norma brings the listener to an intimate relation with the original event.

A well kept secret in the International Hi-Fi scene, with a stellar reputation among audiophiles in Europe, Asia and around the world for top-tier performance and build quality, Norma Audio is finally available in India.

We are pleased to announce that BBW Distributors Private Limited is the official Importer/Distributor for Norma Audio in India and stocks are now available.

Available online at India's No.1 Online Audio SuperStore

For trade or technical queries please Call / Whatsapp us on +919810502023 or email us at

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