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Mosconi PRO Series - A New Era of Performance

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Mosconi PRO Amplifiers

When Mosconi launched the PRO 5|30 in 2017, it was an instant success. With 4 channels of staggered Class AB amplification and a Class D mono channel on board, it was a perfect fit for a 'Front + Rear + Subwoofer' system or 'Tweeter + MidBass + Subwoofer' system. A single chassis solution for an entire system with 'DSP Direct' bypass capability, it won the 2017-18 EISA award for Best Product

In 2018, Mosconi lives up to it's promise and now extends the PRO line with the PRO 4|10 Four Channel Class AB Amplifier and the PRO 1|10 Full Range Class D Monoblock which continue to sweep up the accolades. Like the rest of Mosconi products, The PRO line is also Made In Italy to Mosconi's exacting standards.

“The PRO amplifiers are among the most naturally and musically performing devices. They maintain the character of every peace of music and recording, and you even have the impression that the qualities of the pieces are lovingly refined. Even though the sound is perfectly detailed and superbly audible, the amplifiers are not prone to dissect it. Also, they provide just the right amount of warmth to meet our listening taste without sounding all too cuddly. Great sound walls are reproduced with impressive fullness, and rolls over the toms can certainly inspire with their power and vitality. In general, both PRO 4/10 and PRO 5/30 stand out due to their extremely dynamic music reproduction. Keystrokes and the sounds of string instruments are passed unfiltered to the listener, and drums, especially at higher listening volumes, bring an enthusiastic grin to his face. Nevertheless, the PRO-Amps never forget the big picture, the flow of music is always preserved nicely and the musical harmony created by the amplifiers is wonderful. This is an absolute high-end performance rendering the new Mosconi's absolutely competitive.” – Car HiFi 2/2018

Now Available through BBW's Pan-India Dealer Network with our industry standard Warranty and Service support. Contact your nearest dealer outlet or write to us at for more information

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